FAQs + Your Privacy

Being unsure about reaching out is understandable. We hope that the following information and answers to common questions help ease some of your fears and concerns.

  • Confidentiality with Safe Connect

    Safe Connect Advocacy Coordinators will not share any of your personal information. They are bound by confidentiality per state and federal law and, except for mandatory reporting requirements described below, can only share information with your permission.

    Your information will be maintained in a confidential database that only Safe Connect Advocacy Coordinators & supervisors can access. If you have concerns about providing identifying information, we can make adjustments.

  • Mandatory Reporting / Your Rights

    Safe Connect Advocacy Coordinators are mandated reporters. If you share that a child or person with a disability is being abused or neglected, or that you might hurt yourself or someone else, they are required to report this to protective or emergency services. In the event this is necessary, Safe Connect Advocacy Coordinators will work with you to ensure you have the continued support you need.

  • Browsing History & Phone Records

    If you are concerned that someone may be monitoring your internet or phone usage, please let us know right away. Data usage can be recorded and tracked in different ways. Safe Connect Advocacy Coordinators can give you quick tips to help minimize any technological vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your safety.



What are my legal rights as a survivor?

Connecticut has a variety of laws that aim to provide both civil and criminal court-based protections for survivors, as well as access to a number of critical supports and services. While Safe Connect is not able to offer legal advice, we can connect you to your local CCADV member organization who can help you identify relevant laws, discuss court processes and make referrals for legal representation.

Are there financial assistance programs available to me?

There are a variety of options available through both the government and community-based organizations that may be available to you to help with basic needs, relocation, and more. Safe Connect will connect you to your local CCADV member organization where you can receive support and guidance with applications and navigating various service systems.



Is there a cost to receive services from Safe Connect or CCADV’s 18 member organizations??

Services provided by Safe Connect and CCADV’s 18 domestic violence member organizations are completely free, confidential, safe and voluntary – meaning you can change your mind at any time.



How much information am I required to share?

You can provide as much information as you are comfortable with sharing. While we will ask questions, including things like your race, age and sexual orientation, we do this to understand who you are so we can provide the best possible options. However, you are in control of your information and get to decide what to share or what goes in our confidential database. You lead; we guide.

Contact Safe Connect with your questions.