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What to Expect

Safe Connect is a team of friendly advocates ready to listen, guide, support, and help during relationship challenges.

We will always follow your lead. As certified domestic violence counselors, Safe Connect Advocacy Coordinators recognize that you are the expert of your own life. While we may ask lots of questions, you don’t have to answer more than you’re comfortable sharing and you may choose to remain anonymous. It is our goal to understand your wants, needs, and worries, so we can offer resources that are relevant to you – including a connection to one of CCADV’s 18 domestic violence member organizations.

Is it Domestic

It’s hard to understand why the people we love can hurt us. Learn how to know if it’s abuse.

Confidentiality + Safe Connect

Learn about how Safe Connect protects your information and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Make a

Understanding your options can help you process what’s going on and increase your safety.


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Ask us Anything.

People who experience domestic violence often say they feel completely isolated. Please know you’re not alone.

CT Safe Connect is more than a hotline + chat center staffed by trained professionals who care a lot about you and your experiences. We’re a trusted resource during challenging times, ready to listen, support, guide, and provide protection.


There is community support available.